Gogglies Make Swim Goggles Fun and Easy!color gogglies

- finally a better swim goggle strap! Replace those terrible rubber swim goggle straps! Use with your favorite goggles or purchase with our pink or blue goggles already attached.
  • Gogglies allow you to adjust swim goggles while wearing! There is no need to take goggles off to adjust the fit!
  • Gogglies neoprene strap is more comfortable than rubber or bungee straps.
  • Gogglies make it easier to put on swim goggles. girl with gogglies
  • Gogglies eliminate hair pulling and tangles.
  • Available in many colors and styles. Even custom orders are available!
  • Gogglies float! Never have your swim goggles sink to the bottom of the pool again.
  • Personalize Gogglies with names or initials - preventing loss or theft of swim goggles.
  • Easy to switch out. Get rid of the hair pulling, tough to adjust straps that come with swim goggles. In minutes you can easily replace them with Gogglies.
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    Gogglies make swim goggles easy to use and fun. With a variety of colors and patterns available, Gogglies can match with bathing suits or be ordered for swim teams and other groups. The neoprene backing and nylon straps prevent swim goggle straps from tangling hair and make swim goggles easy to adjust while being worn. No more taking off goggles, adjusting and then having to put them back on. And since Gogglies float and can be easily marked with names or initials, Gogglies help prevent loss and theft of swim goggles. So transform your swim goggles - - Get Your Gogglies On! 

    Contact us at
    info@goggliestrap.com for information on getting your team or organization's colors and logo on Gogglies! We can also help with fundraising and do custom orders. 

    Gogglies, patent pending, and the Gogglies name and trademark are owned by Rao Holdings LLC.   Contact us: info@goggliestrap.com