Gogglies are available in several great colors:3 goggle straps photo

big imagethumb blackbluegreenorangepinkpurpleyellowyellow
  Black  Blue  Lime  Orange  Pink  Purple  Red  Yellow    
*Custom colors available               
**Coming soon: Navy Camouflage, Pink Camouflage!

NEW: Gogglies are available already attached to either pink or blue swim goggles! Super comfortable, high quality childrens goggles add to durability and comfort. Pick your color goggle and match with your color Gogglies! Or buy extra Gogglies straps to switch out and match with bathing suits or swim team colors.

goggles on towelgirl with goggliesblue greenpink black

Our great manufacturing team also has the ability to quickly create specific colors, sizes and unique orders. Please contact us at
Gogglies have been tested, retested and designed to maximize comfort and usability. With convenient velcro straps it is quick and easy to adjust the tightness to insure the gogglies are comfortably snug. Unlike traditional goggle straps Gogglies can be adjusted without removing the swim goggles. The neoprene backing avoids pulling, tugging and tangling.

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