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What mom hasn't struggled and fumbled with those rubber swim goggle straps attached to her kids swim goggles? Or cringed while trying to untangle and remove them from her kids tangled hair? As a mom of 3 young kids, it took me 2 summers at the pool listening to "They're too tight!", and "Ouch! They're pulling my hair!" and "Hurry Mom and fix my goggles!" before I decided there had to be a better solution than the hair pulling, tight, and difficult to adjust rubber straps that come with swim goggles. After working on possible solutions and designs, I came up with the patented neoprene band with non slip backing and velcro adjusting side straps. Thus the Gogglies strap was born. Easy for kids to put on, adjust while being worn, eliminate tangles with hair, personalize with initials to prevent loss/theft, and buoyant so they won't sink to the bottom of the pool. Gogglies solve all the problems I, as a mother of 3, experienced with my kids swim goggles. 
Incredibly comfortable and available in a variety of bright colors and designs, the Gogglies strap has become a hit nationwide. They are available with pink or blue soft, silicone goggle frames or can be purchased alone to replace the straps on your favorite goggles.* You can even purchase Gogglies with goggles attached and then purchase extra different color straps to switch out and coordinate with your bathing suits or swim team colors.
Our corporate office is based in Virginia, but our sales and impact have been worldwide. Try them for your kids and you (and they) will be glad you did.
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*Gogglies work with most recreational swim goggle frames. If your goggles have a dual strap (most often found with competitive level swim goggles) you will need a different frame to work with Gogglies. Contact us if you have specific model questions.

   pink goggle with purple strap          left side gogglies view     blue goggle with green strap

Gogglies, patent pending, the Gogglies name and logo are trademark protected and owned by Rao Holdings LLC.